Our Strategy

Our business growth strategy is about creating profitable scale.


All asset managers are looking for solutions to increase returns for their investors/clients by expanding into new sectors and industries. 

We believe the most expedient way to do this is to look for boutique firms with expertise in these niche areas and to build upon that foundation while leveraging existing scale, resources, and internal capabilities to evolve and grow. 

Diversification takes many shapes including, both geographical and asset class diversification. Having a more diversified product offering provides opportunities for clients to maximize returns through different market cycles, while also responding to the demand for social responsibility to better serve clients in an already highly competitive industry. 

We look for managers who can provide deep expertise and access to a broad range of solutions for their ever-evolving needs.

Automation & Disruptive Technology

Throughout the recent COVID pandemic, firms across all industries were forced to re-evaluate their technology and operating models. An increased investment in technology and shifting operating models, including downsizing operational real estate, have accelerated the need for transformation and automation initiatives. 

Those looking to create operational synergies and efficiencies have pursued disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics process automation to help offset the revenue impact from reduced management fees. We believe that being adaptable to the integration of new technologies means we will be well positioned to build growth and deliver an enhanced client experience.

Market Impact & Considerations

Asset Management continues to be one of the most fragmented financial services sectors. According to Morgan Stanley, two-thirds of assets under management – approximately $60 trillion – is sitting with smaller firms in the industry.

Our Consideration Before and During and Integration

Navigating through the consolidations era in the asset management space has put a focus on what it takes to ensure a successful integration. Considerations range from the regulatory environment, effective change management plans, to technology impact, and future operations.